Saturday, June 5, 2021

Coffee Break:2021 Score Football Blaster Box

*All five senses are fully alive this morning especially the coffee sense. The coffee sense does like to be treated with a full cup when I wake up and the plan is to give it so. Coffee is poured, cards are ready and laptop is out. Cards over Coffee is here!*

Coffee has me feeling energized, despite the long week with both sister-in-laws up. One is staying another week since it has been 15 months since we last all saw each other. 2021 has already been a better year and now being 2 weeks after the second dose of Pfizer, my full vaccination kicks in. I still plan on wearing my mask into places regardless, fully vaccinated people can be spreaders, but I feel a lot better than I did a year ago.

I also have been feeling better about my luck in retail being able to actually find something here and there. Just like today's product, the new 2021 Score football.

2021 Score Football Blaster Box
132 Cards Per Blaster
$19.99 Per Blaster
1 Lave Parallel Per Blaster
No Guaranteed Hits

Summary:With the rise of the hobby in 2020, it has driven a lot of product prices through the roof including a collector/set collector driven product in Score where normal hobby boxes would cost $100-$150 normally have now reached a ceiling of $300. 

This years base set is 400 cards deep with veterans, rookies (not in NFL uniforms or defined by an NFL team) and legends. The design is something you typically see in Score, but the photographs and high gloss are well received.

Base card parallels are both bland and shiny and include the following, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Scorecard, Lava /575, Dots Red /460, Dots Gold /225, Spokes /110, Showcase /100, Gold Zone /50, Artist Proof /35, Blue Explosion /20, Red Zone /20, Die-Cut /10, First Down /10, End Zone /6, Gem Masters 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

There are also plenty of inserts to find in Score like there usually is. Roughly 15 different insert sets to chase including a huge Tom Brady tribute one. Not sure why they did a Tom Brady tribute and not a Drew Brees one since he is the one to actually retire.

Inserts have the following parallels, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Showcase /100, Gold Zone /50, Red Zone /20, End Zone /6, and Gem Masters 1/1.

There is more memorabilia sets to chase in Score then autographs, but the autograph checklist is pretty solid with veteran, legend and rookies to chase.

Let's dig into this blaster,

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

(lava parallel-the blaster hit)


*the break is over, carefully sets cards to the side and takes another sip. Stomach is starting to rumble so need some breakfast before I brew a second cup*

Score was fun like it usually is and is intended to be. It was also fun to find a surprise relic card as they used to come every box. This year, I have seen them in about 1:4 blasters.

I certainly hope I can find some more but you never know these days. Sadly, people are flipping Score even though I cannot say this enough, Score is not a flipping product. It's as basic as it comes and isn't worth a whole lot. Which also means I am telling all of you readers desperate for a box or pack to open not to overpay for it and not to pay for anything flippers sell in the first place.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. A. Glad you're getting some family bonding time with your sister-in-laws.

    B. I think California is going to follow the CDC guidelines in a week or two. When I'm in areas with lots of other people (stores) or forced to be close to people (like a barber), I'll continue to wear a mask for the time being.

    C. Figured all sports card blasters were flipping products. But that's just because I could never find anything back when Target had them on their shelves.

    1. It was great to have that family time. I had missed it so!

      Also, my state lifted restrictions yesterday and I am still masking it up

  2. I agree with Fuji--it's great to see family again. Also, this is a product I love every year (despite the sharp increase in price) and I'm glad to see the design looks as nice as usual. Pretty cool that you got an unexpected hit too.

    1. You may have a few cards from it head your way!

  3. Looking forward to next month when I'll be doing some family visiting for the first time in a year-and-a-half.

    I always like Score, but not digging the base design this year. Too confining. Inserts look good.

    1. You truly don't know what you have missed until its gone. I felt I took advantage of my family time. Never again. I will savor every minute.

      There's a few of the inserts I like more than the others for sure

  4. Score inserts are usually pretty good, and I like all of these.

  5. Lucky you were able to find some in retail. Thanks for showing them off!

  6. The Brunell photo is great. The Score Team inserts are my favorite. I also like the 3D cards but wish they'd added some color to them. Good post and cards.

    1. The photography in score this year is spot on. I think I liked that part the most


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