Monday, June 21, 2021


*takes a sip, maybe two,maybe more. It was one of those long nights of no sleep. Coffee is on the agenda, but aren't cards. So let's do some #CardsOverCoffee shall we?*

Every year, I find myself indulging in one newer set that catches my attention. I don't collect as many newer cards as I do 90's, but there usually one set that stands out to me. In 2019, it was Optic Base set(which I still need to finish the last 8 cards to). Last year it was the 2020 Donruss Holiday Sweater Sets (still need 4 duals to master set it all) and this year, I felt a bit Unleashed by Donruss.

Now before you go into complaining about Panini baseball cards, I still stand firm by them. They have some great value and some nice looking cards and guaranteed if they had a license, you would be seeking out more than Topps. At least for a few of the products.

*takes a sip, well, two, okay I lied, a few more*

I have always liked Donruss since Panini revived the brand. Not so much the base and the endless name variations, but the attractive inserts. Those are the big draw.

Donruss is full of shiny/numbered inserts that grab you in like a good book. But, none, NONE of the inserts caught me more than this years Unleashed.

Unleashed features a unique design featuring players from the top of the food chain. Since I can't ever seem to pull a Downtown or Kaboom that features unique art look, these are the closest to cool I can get.

The checklist for Unleashed features 26 cards and also a wide variety of parallels, Diamond, Pink Fireworks, Rapture, Vector, Silver /349, Blue /249, Red /149, Gold /99, Green /25, and Black 1/1. There is still plenty to be unleashed. However, I am just happy collecting what I can of them. I don't see any rainbow chases in the foreseeable future nor can I even tell the difference in most of the cards.

Here are all of the ones I have found so far.

I hope to add to this as time goes on with any cards I don't have and will seek out small trades to do so.

*takes a sip before closing up today's post*

My chase came early on this year for a product as its usually a later season product that catches my attention. That's okay, maybe this year I will find more than one to chase. Not that I need anything else to pile on.

Let me know your thoughts on these in comments or if you have any I don't, let me know. I have plenty of trade bait available.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Seems like collectors really like these. I don't own any... so haven't seen them in person. But based on what I've seen they are okay. The colorful drawings of the bear, snake, and lion are nice... but the lack of team logos holds this back from being a great looking set.

    1. Yes there is quite a following for these. I like the base version more than the parallels

  2. Bear, lion, snake, bear, lion, snake ... if you have one, you have them all. I have the Betts, that's all I need.

    1. But there are parallels of them with different

  3. Ooh, I gotta get that McGwire! I agree, these are kind of great cards.

    1. Yes! And they don't cost a lot to acquire either


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