Sunday, June 6, 2021

A Mixed Bunch

*Sits down with coffee and computer. Everyone should know what time it is...and it's not tool time*

It's gonna be another warm one today with temperatures getting close to 90 with the humidity. A day where you don't want to use the oven inside and want to wear pretty much next to nothing. Don't worry, I am fully clothed...for now. I am sure those who are in the south adjust easily to these temps, but here in the northeast, we don't. Regardless of the temperatures though, I am still having this nice hot cup of coffee to start my day. My wife always picks on me for drinking hot coffee and not iced on a hot day but I really have to be in the right mood to drink iced.

*takes a sip of warm coffee*

On Friday, if you didn't know, it was #NationalDoughnutDay.
I had to celebrate it of course with some Munchkins to pair with my coffee. Coffee is never a side, it is always the main course and anything I have with it is the side.

With my Munchkins I always like a good variety, but don't mind if they go blueberry cake heavy either. It is by far my favorite Munchkin and even enjoyed as a full size doughnut though I would had gone Boston Cream for full size if I went that way, but I wanted some variety.

*takes another sip, wished had saved a few of those doughnuts for today*

I not only like a mixed batch of doughnuts occasionally, but I also like a mixed batch of cards in my mail day as well. It's nice to have a themed mail day, but, a mail day with some variety can "bring down the house" as variety is the spice of life.

This was the latest case with my mail day from Cards Over Coffee reader, Oren.

Once again, Oren and I pulled off another fantastic trade and last week I received my end of it.
First card is a Dazzlers of Rask. These cards bring me back to the 90's and kudos to Upper Deck for doing that for me.


A couple new Giants cards in Engram and Webb.

Some of the coolest cards out there are prop cards. This one is a Wine Bottle piece from The Walking Dead. I don't own too many prop cards, but treasure the ones that I have and always welcome more. I would take these 100% over any plain sport relic.

And it may appear I am a Walking Dead fan with as many relics I pickup, but to be honest, I haven't seen an episode. I do enjoy any non sport acquisition regardless of what movie or TV show it's from. I may however check out The Walking Dead at some point.

And the final card of this mail day is a Goodwin Champions Canine Companions card. Goodwin Champions has a really fun variety of hits to find from manufactured ones to World War/History piece to actual space relics. It's a fun product I really enjoy.

As you saw, there was a nice mixed bag of items in this mail day with plenty of Blueberry Cake.

Thanks again to Oren for the trade.

*takes a sip before closing up*

If any of you reading this today is in the heat today, play it safe. Drink plenty of fluids and stay out of the sun as much as you can as too much heat exposure can lead to further problems other than sweating. I plan on spending my day finding cards to send out to people for trades.

Hope everyone has a great day. If you have a favorite doughnut, let me hear it in comments! Or your thoughts on iced coffee.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I'm almost afraid to ask if you ate all of those doughnuts in one sitting.

    1. Actually, they were shared with family! I could never eat like that nor should I when I should be dieting...

  2. I normally bring doughnuts in for students who help me during the year on National Doughnut Day... but didn't this year. Hopefully by next year, I'll be able to.

    As for the cards, the Canine Companions patches are awesome.

    1. Next year school should be much different i would think

  3. That Tuuka Rask is pretty sweet.


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