Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Coffee Break:2019-2020 NBA Hoops Premium Stock Cello Pack Break 1

 *takes a sip, gets ready to open another pack on Cards Over Coffee*

It's been fun having my sister-in-law up visiting from Tennessee for the past couple of weeks. We have taken Walmart trips, ice cream outings, and some good times reminiscing, watching movies, eating great food and of course, plenty of laughs. She also brought me a cool gift I will have to share on here as well when I get the opportunity to. She leaves on Friday so I expect my schedule to open up more after that.

All of our hanging out has been done safely of course with the pandemic still around. Even though it's a bit different of a world where I live compared to where she is from. Where I am, we still wear masks out to every outing inside and out. I refuse not to wear one. I also refuse to eat at a restaurant still and will continue to do take out until I am ready. I also won't even go outside of let's say a ice cream shop in line without wearing my mask. Where she is from, I am not sure if any have even worn masks and she hasn't since she has been here. But, everyone has their own take and opinions on the pandemic, all I can say is I haven't been sick at all since wearing masks so there's that.

*takes a sip to keep mouth quiet before saying too much opinion on the pandemic. This is a blog about cards and coffee, not politics*

Today, I will be breaking a multipack cello pack of 2019-2020 NBA Hoops Premium Stock. 

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

2 Packs Within
15 cards per pack
3 Laser Parallels
1 Silver
1 Prizm
1 Insert
$19.99 A Pack

Summary:Basically, Panini takes a basic product and once again chromes it from base to inserts.

Speaking of base, there are 300 cards in the base set which has plenty of parallels to find. You would expect that out of a chromed product.

The following parallels can be found in the base set,
PRIZM PARALLELS: Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Teal.
CRACKED ICE PRIZM PARALLELS: Blue, Green, Red, Purple /25, Gold /10, Black 1/1.
FLASH PRIZM PARALLELS: Base, Red, Green /99, Blue /49, Purple /35, Pink /25, Gold /10, Black 1/1.
LASER PRIZM PARALLELS: Silver, Blue /99, Gold /10, Black 1/1.
MOJO PRIZM PARALLELS: Silver, Blue /99, Gold /10, Black 1/1.
SHIMMER PRIZM PARALLELS: Base, Green, Red /88, Gold /8, Black 1/1.
BOX SET PULSAR PRIZM PARALLELS Base, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red.

There are also plenty of inserts to chase as well with the following parallels, Holo, Blue, Red, Gold /10, Black 1/1.

The autographs in the set are very rookie heavy with some veteran content.

Here is how my pack went,



*takes a sip before closing*

For 15 cards, not really sure the $20 was worth it but I really like the looks of them and the parallels. So the way I look at it, the $20 wasn't for the value aspect, it was for the entertainment which alone was worth it to me.

Let me know your thoughts in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I liked the chrome look back in the 90's, but they use it way too much these days. So much so, that it's really lost it's luster for me.

  2. Haven't seen these in hand. Didn't realize they were $20. Probably a good thing I didn't as I'm sure I wouldn't be able to resist - I love opening basketball cards. Not the best pull in this one but they don't look bad but until I get some in hand I won't really know.

    1. I liked them more at first, then they kinda got a little boring lol


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