Wednesday, June 9, 2021

90's On The 9th:1997 Upper Deck Sp Special Fx Ken Griffey Jr

*it's been a crazy last few weeks with sister in law home along with the heat that she must have brought from Tennessee with her. It's so bad that sweat is sweating. But, that doesn't stop me from having a hot cup of coffee. Sits down with coffee and laptop. It's time for Cards Over Coffee*

It's a new 90's On The 9th post today. As you may have noticed, I skipped 80's on the 8th yesterday on purpose. Both of these segments don't bring a lot of views or comments so I am thinking about axing them depending on how this one does today.

Today's card features my all time favorite baseball player in Ken Griffey Jr. I haven't really added much Junior to my collection in the past year as my baseball card collecting has dropped off. But, something about today's card appeal hooked me back in.

*takes a sip, feeling a bit nostalgic thinking back to Griffey and his pursuit in the home run chases in the 90's*

Today's card was randomly inserted in packs of 1997 Sp at a rate of one in nine.  

Special Fx feature a die cut design and a face hologram in the center of the card.

The back of the card has a small write up.

and at the right angle you can capture the hologram magic. Anyone who knows me knows my passion of hologram cards with my chase of all of the 90's Spx sets, inserts and parallels.

I am not sure if this will be a future set chase down the road or not. The checklist is deep with a 48 cards to chase. The odd thing about the set is that Card numbers 1-47 are from 1997 with card number 49 featuring the design from 1996. There is no card number 48. Kinda odd.

*takes a sip before closing*

I enjoyed adding a new Griffey to the collection since it had been awhile. Especially being a nice looking card. I may look to add some more Griffeys now that I have added this one.

As for this series, will today's Griffey card perk this segment back for July or will it run out of water? Only time will tell.

*Coffee Card Blogger out*


  1. That's so weird that UD decided to use the previous year's design for the final card in that set. Anyways... this set would be a fun build. Figure it'd be challenging due to the large set size, but manageable since they weren't super hard to pull.

    1. Yes the lower odds and easier price, the more affordable

  2. I like holograms some, but these cards never really took off for me. Not really sure why.

    1. The die cut gets me on this one as well as the hologram


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