Thursday, October 21, 2021


*bangs on chest for inner Kong comes out occasionally. Ready for a new post on #CardsOverCoffee so let's get this done*

In mail box yesterday was a surprise. 

Blog reader Oren and myself pulled off another one of our fun trades, except this time in return I had no idea what was coming other than the fact they were non sport packs from a movie. That could be a wide range of things so when I got the bubbler from Oren yesterday I slowly opened it up to reveal the surprise. I open packs up the same way when I know there is a "hit" inside.

Inside the package was five packs of Kong:The 8th Wonder Of The World. (should have been ape wonder of the world)

*takes a sip before showing off some of the cards*

I will be up front and open and say that I have never seen this movie. I haven't really watched a lot of the newer King Kong films. However growing up, I watched a lot of the 60's and 70's films on SCFY channel with Kong in them especially my favorite one in Godzilla vs King Kong. I was a huge Godzilla follower and used to make Playdough creatures of him.

Even though I didn't watch this film, it didn't make these packs any less cool especially after seeing the cast with headliners of Naomi Watts and Jack Black. Which now leads me to wondering if the Black or Watts cards are rookies...hmmm.

*takes a sip before going to rip*

As I do with a lot of my non sport packs, I always keep one sealed for my collection but I ripped the other four. Here are some of the base that I felt connected with.
(me checking out other blogs with cool cards I now want to hunt down)

(how I am when my coffee maker breaks)

(when the first sip is too hot)

(how I am after I drink a great cup of coffee)

(how my wife looks at me if I make my cup before her)

(how my wife and I are after we discover it's pumpkin spice season)

I was also fortunate to had pulled some inserts. Three inserts in four packs.

1:4 packs for the video game creature card. When I had Googled the film I saw that the film had a game attached to it. Must be the only way you can land these specific creatures.

1:4 packs for the stickers.

Back of the sticker.

And now the coolest card of the bunch.
Flocked Card. These have like a felt like feeling and fuzz.

These cards are the toughest insert to find in the product at 1:8 packs. With only 5 in the set, it may be one I seek out.

Thanks again to Oren for the trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Now that I have the cards, I may have to see if there is a way to stream the movie.  Seemed to have had good reviews.

In comments today, let me know if you have seen this film, any Kong films and your thoughts on the cards.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I had no idea Topps made Kong cards. Thought this post was going to be about Dave Kingman, lol.

  2. I have this movie on DVD but haven't watched it yet. I've seen the new ones and the Godzilla ones too, they're overall enjoyable.


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