Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Trade Sandwich

*it's 34 degrees, my wife's car was frosted and had to be started ten minutes prior to leaving. That time will need to be increased as winter creeps closer. At least the warmth of coffee will keep me going this morning before my 38 year old body falls apart from the aches and pains of coldness. takes a sip, begins to sit down and hears a snap crackle pop as the sitting process begins. takes another sip and begins to type*

Is it just me or does almost every trade turn into what I would call a trade sandwich.

There is that bottom later of bread, the start of any good built sandwich and the start to any good trade.

Then there is the mayo or special sauce on that piece of bread as your sandwich continues to build. You need this layer and it needs to be thick.

Then comes the meat. I prefer turkey or chicken breast myself, but sometimes I go spicy or add some ham to that turkey. The meat is not only an important piece to a sandwich, but to a trade as well. Without the meat, the trade dies off at the bread or in sandwich terms, enjoy your toast.

Then comes the veggies. I like the basics on my sandwich. Tomato, lettuce, onion. Sometimes I feel a sandwich needs pickles and/or banana peppers depending on the sauce and the meat I use. The veggies in a trade are the surrounding pieces to the part of the trade.

You then enclose the veggies and the meat with the cheese and another helping of sauce or mayo. For me, give me swiss cheese on my sandwiches or a few more 90's inserts in this case.

And to finish up a sandwich, you need that top layer of bread which finishes up the sandwich or the trade in this case. I like to make sure my top layer is worthy to finish off my sandwich or trade.

Thanks again to @NickLoffer1 for the trade. There was more layers to this trade sandwich, but I wanted to capture the most important ones.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post. looks outside and sees how cold it still is and realizes that errands still have to be run...sigh....takes another sip*

Not all of my trades are sandwiches, sometimes they are just a piece of toast or two. Usually if I am going to mail a bubbler, it better be sandwich worthy. Otherwise, those will be going PWE.

I got a lot of great cards from Nick above as I targeted 90's inserts as the main part of the trade. As I stated it started with the Betts for my Unleashed collection and then was built from there. The Toney I really wanted as the top piece as that is one great looking card with Giants blue against the Press Proof blue.

In comments, I want to know if you make trade sandwiches, what your favorite sandwich is and what your favorite sandwich place is.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

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