Sunday, October 31, 2021

Trick Or Treat

*hello little boils and ghouls..are you ready for a little Cards Over Coffee...or can I see you sneaking that full size Snickers bar and ignoring this post...there's nothing wrong with eating and long as you are having some coffee with it to. Yes, coffee goes with everything and I have a freshly brewed cup right next to me*

It's Halloween and as an adult times have sure changed on this holiday.

Gone are the days of wearing a hard plastic mask that smelled like sweet candy but suffocated you at the same time. No more going door to door wearing that mask and asking strangers for candy. Now it's sit at home, wait for kids wearing these high tech costumes (some are inflatable) and be the stranger handing out the candy. It's not nearly as much fun.

*takes a sip before continuing on...also while staring down a snack size Mounds*

We haven't had any Trick Or Treaters in years, but my wife and I still buy candy. Maybe we haven't had any because a lot of today's Trick Or Treating is done out of peoples trunks-which is both weird and not the same-so we end up eating it all. Not in all one night of course, we are not young anymore. Instead its a treasured treat that is slowly enjoyed like one of those Werther's out of your grandma's purse.

*takes another sip, swig, sip*

Attempting to give out candy is the only way my wife and I really celebrate Halloween. We don't dress up or go out to parties or even decorate for it.

This is as close to celebrating we get with these two Scentsy holders. The rest of my house is just fall decor that will soon be turned into a Christmas Wonderland. Yes, I decorate early for my favorite holiday and yes I see you shaking your head at me. Maybe even a middle finger at the computer screen.

*takes another sip to wash down the Mounds*

Since this is a blog about cards and coffee, I thought I would finally get to the card portion of this post and no more rambling on.  Especially if I get into my Christmas talk.

There are quite a few Halloween cards I could have chosen from for today's post, but I thought these Halloween Treats from Upper Deck were the perfect choice.



In 1996, Upper Deck made up these bags for Halloween that contained packs of cards to give out. There are 20 packs of 2 cards inside. All of the cards are from Upper Deck's flagship base for the 1996 season.

I think this was a great idea to keep kids from overloading on candy and introducing them to the hobby. I wished some companies would do this today but as always, Upper Deck led the way with innovation.

I never went to a house that handed out cards when I was younger, however there was one house that used to throw big handful of change in your bag. Lots of nickels, dimes and quarters.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

One of my favorite memories from my childhood Trick Or Treating was when my parents brought us yearly to a place called the Goldricks house. Every year was a surprise on how they dressed or jumped out at you. One year, the husband was the scarecrow on the porch and neither my sister or I expected it. We got to the door where his wife answered, gave us our candy and we headed back off the porch before he jumped and grabbed us. I thought it was great, my sister on the other hand never got out of the car again when it went to their house again in future Halloween stops. It will be a memory I will always treasure and probably a nightmare my sister always will have.

In comments today, I want to hear about your favorite memory or if you ever received or gave out cards for Halloween!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

*eats another candy bar*

*now Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I had one of my students dress up in one of those inflatable suits. He was a dinosaur. Don't remember if I received cards for Halloween. If I had to guess, I'd say I did at some point. I definitely opened up some of those Donruss treat packs from the early 80's, but those were purchased.

    1. There is a lot of those dinosaur suits going around

  2. For my money, the best cards to have ever been handed out on Halloween were the Impel Safe Kids Campaign card packs back in '91. Between Universal Monsters, Marvel super heroes, NES characters, Inspector Gadget, etc., a kid couldn't have asked for better subject matter.

    1. NOw I will have to see if I can track these down. Those sound so cool!

  3. I don't think I ever received trading cards for a Halloween "treat", but a favorite memory of mine was one year when a particular house had a little basket next to the front door with a note attached that said "please take one piece of candy each". Needless to say, the basket was empty when my friends and I got there.

    1. Haha. You simply can't leave candy bowls outside for people to pick through


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