Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Allen And Ginter 2023

Yesterday I got a package from Oren I wasn't expecting yet, but pretty much knew the contents of.

It was a package full of Allen and Ginter non-sport and my first look at this year's product since I haven't opened any for the first time in a while. Allen and Ginter is my favorite Topps product and it's because of the non-sport factor.

As I was looking through the pile of the base he sent, I saw a lot of names that I didn't even know. It appears either I am too old or Topps has just downgraded the product to social media stars. I miss the days of actual actors, Presidents, famous people in history, oddball things like The Egg, announcers and singers I recognize. That's what made Allen and Ginter fun and I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way.

With that being said, there were a few names I did know.
The legendary NFL reporter Ian Rapoport, who I watch every morning on Good Morning Football and the Insiders on NFL Network. Kind of want his autograph from this product.

Eric Stonestreet who is a huge Chiefs fan and was on the comedy series Modern Family. I have watched a good chunk of the episodes, but need to really go back and watch it all.

Casey Webb who now hosts Man Vs Food after Adam Richman left and has one of the greatest jobs ever in eating food and lots of it. He is on my autograph/relic needs list along with Richman. Maybe there is a swatch of some wing sauce on the shirt.

Robert De Niro who many know from his mafia type movies, I know him from comedies. Especially how he taught a cat to use the toilet. If you don't get this reference, go watch Meet The Parents. I wished I could teach one of my cats to make my coffee, then on the other hand, maybe not.

I didn't know anything about Bella Rausmussen until I read the back of the card and found out she was the very first female football player to score two touchdowns in a game and the first to sign a name, image and likeness deal. That's pretty cool. I tip my coffee mug to her!

Along with the big stack of base and minis, Oren also passed along some other fun.
I don't have any idea who he is, but I always welcome any form of non-sport relics.

Fun In The Sun...this may be the closest to the sun I see in a while. I feel the clouds have taken over until next year.

Music To Your Ears, they picture everything except a coffee maker that is music to mine.

Thanks again goes out to Oren for the mail day. I plan to send you something in return soon!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday full of laughter and coffee.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I've railed about A&G's downgraded checklist for like 5 years now. I don't even know some of the guys you know. I guess there's no chance that Apodaca is the Mets' Bob Apodaca, huh?

    1. Agree. It gets worse every year. Guess that just makes it easier for the few I want

  2. Nathan Apodaca is a Tik-Tok star and actor. Not in my knowledge area. I had to look it up. Coffee Tuesday? Yes please.

  3. Yeah it is getting to the point where I am seriously wondering which target demographic Topps is hoping to get with the non-sport list. Because last time I checked the only people who would know a majority of these social media names don't really have the disposable income to be buying boxes. Or at least I didn't when I was in high school.


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