Monday, November 20, 2023

Where Did They Go?

As I sit here tonight, without coffee because it's a little late even for this coffee loving blogger, I have spent the last two hours cleaning out my email since Google claims it was full, when I have kept it cleaned out.

Or thought I did.

Upon deleting as many emails as Hillary Clinton, I noticed some of those blogger comment email notifications in the mix that you get when someone leaves a comment on your blog. Before deleting them, I read some of them for nostalgia's sake. As I read on, I started to see names of commentors I haven't seen comment in many years that used to all of the time.

Which led me to wonder, Where Did They Go?

Names like,
  • Madmax,
  • SumoMenkoman 
  • Collecting Cutch 
  • P-Town Tom
  • C.erne33 
  • Kyle Herring 
  • Twitch 
  • Trevor P 
  • Scribbled Ink 
  • Julie Owens 
  • Tony Burbs 
  • Madding 
  • CommishBob 
  • Daniel
  • GCA 
  • JayrCards 
  • Trevor Gaffney
  • aa8a5804-8a87-11e2-ad83-000bcdcb8a73 (always an odd name, but used to comment a lot)
I am not sure if they all retired from blogging, gave up reading my blog or ran out of time to comment. Whatever the reason, I miss seeing their thoughts, but just hoping overall they are all doing well.

*finishes up thoughts on how to close tonight's post*


It's about time I head to bed, almost 11pm where I am, and I am not a night owl like Night Owl. Yes Greg, I am talking about you :)

I did finish cleaning up my email inbox and hopefully have it cleaned up enough for a while, though I didn't mind taking the stroll down memory lane tonight.

Hope everyone has a great night's sleep and for those of you that still comment, thank you.


*big yawn*

*Coffee Card Blogger literally*


  1. Scrolling down my blogroll, I've got many links to blogs where they haven't posted in 8, 11, 13 years. The group has shrunk considerably.

    1. Yup, I have the same on my other blog with the list I have.

  2. A lot of good people on that list. I hope they are all well.

  3. As a blogger that has recently returned from a 9 year or so sabbatical, people get busy, find other interests, lose inspiration, etc. Also, I've noticed that Blogger has become incredibly difficult and unwieldy to work with. I literally spent 10 or 15 minutes trying to login to Blogger so I could come here and say this. I still wasn't able to comment under my Google account.... You can see why people would just get fed up and not spend the time to comment. Don't even get me started on getting notifications of new comments on my own posts.....

    1. I totally get it. Blogger has truly gone down since I started in 2012 and there are days I struggle with wanting to continue. But, I have continued on. not always easy but I am here to stay for now

  4. I missed this post last night. I always look at blogs as part of my morning coffee. So here I am a day late. I'm not a blogger officially. I used to be a published author, but it isn't part of me right now. Sip away!

    1. Yes, I am usually a early morning blogger !

  5. Lots of familiar names. Some of them I see over on YouTube (like SumoMenkoMan and Daniel). Others are still active in the blogosphere. But there are a bunch I really miss seeing around.

    1. I wished I was more into watching videos, I just don't have time for that. Easier and faster for me to read posts.


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