Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Drumroll Please

*hot coffee, bagel with jalepeno cream cheese, and a box of kleenex and a card and now ready for a new post on cards over coffee*

*starts to type, wipes nose as little under the weather, takes a sip, now keeps typing*

Snow sums up how yesterday went. The weather reports told us possibly 1-3 inches total and didn't even have us in the "watch" section of the state for bigger amounts.

Well roughly 6-8 inches later, the roads were slick, schools were closed, and my wife hitched a ride to work.

It was a fun one cleaning off the cars, sidewalk and deck with the heavy wet white stuff.
Once again, the only great thing about snow other than having a white Christmas, is the scenery.

Drumroll please......

*takes a sip to soothe the throat*

With the weather being like this, it just furthers my holiday spirit for this time of year. If the snow comes down heavy after Christmas, that's a different feeling. One that can't be typed into words or you may have to hide the children from reading this blog.

With that being said, I recently had a custom card mailed to me for my Chevy Chase collection from @Clarkes1_1Cards.

Drumroll Please!!

This one fits perfectly in my Chevy Chase and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation collection. I tried to capture the shine of this card the best I could with my lightbox. But, it's much better looking in person.

I will have to set this up with the rest of my collection and maybe do a post on all of it at some point during my holiday card season.

*takes a sip, covers cough, takes a bite of bagel then another sip before finishing up today's post*

If you liked my custom card, @Clarkes1_1Cards does others as well for sports and non-sports or even ones for yourself. If you are interested, just contact him via Twitter or as you newbies call it, X.

Thanks again @Clarkes1_1Cards for the card!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. I am going to take a nap to feel better.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I can relate to the clearing of the heavy white stuff! Very nice custom card. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Raising my cup in hopes you get better soon!

    1. I am still hanging onto the sickness but feeling better. Supposed to be more white stuff today. Ugh.

    2. Good to hear. I came back here after seeing your giveaway post on Sport Card Collectors. Thanks to you and BCW. Right now, my favorite product is the Modular Sorting Trays. It has replaced my homemade cardboard one. Hopefully you don't get too much snow. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Happy holidays [Bob, abide on TCDb]

  3. What an awesome custom card! It's pretty amazing the stuff that custom card makers are producing. Card companies should hire some of them. Hope you're feeling better and staying warm. The winter wonderland photos are gorgeous and snow days sound awesome... but driving in that stuff doesn't.

    1. I totally agree. We could use some more creativity and there are so many custom guys out there!


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