Sunday, November 26, 2023

Hats And Sweaters

*sits down, takes a sip, has a stack of cards and is ready for the next holiday card season post*

Today marks Day three of the holiday season. So far, I have only adventured outside the house once into stores and already regret doing so. They weren't quite as packed as I expected, but it still wasn't fun waiting in line even at the self-checkout with one item.


If that item hadn't been coffee related, I would have left. But nonetheless I stood and waited then ran out the door faster than Speedy Gonzales minus the yellow sombrero.....and the speed. Didn't I mention how I drink decaf now? But, if that had been me six years ago when I was all caffeine, I could have ran it.

*takes another sip, stomach growls, starts to think of something for breakfast. for some reason, tacos came to mind*

To me you can't talk about the holiday card season if you don't mention Ugly Sweater and Santa Hats swatches. 

You simply can't.

These cards are some of my favorite cards of the holiday season as they can produce some pretty unique swatches for some of the cards. I know many who have read my blog in the past know that I have been and still am chasing the Donruss Holiday Rookie Sweaters sets for football. This set chase is a long process that has taken me years to try to complete and I have come a long way with them.

But, I needed a break on and off with them which led to me finding other Ugly Sweater cards and even Santa Hat relics. Which I added because they are simply as cool as coffee.

Here is my current Santa Hat collection,

(my favorite of the bunch)

(you don't say many Tom Savage cards are cool, but this one definitely is)

And now onto my "other" Ugly Sweater cards,

(yeah, two of the same but different relics)

I hope to add more to these collections at some point. But, I really need to finish up those Donruss Rookie Sweater sets first. Some I am only a couple away from....well that's until Panini pumps out 2023.

Here is a look at my needs, ones on the way and finished sets if you are curious.

Note:these are all up-to-date!

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am not sure how many more year's companies will make specific holiday products for, but I hope they continue and continue to pump out more Ugly Sweater and Santa Hat cards because they have this blogger all-in on them.

Hope everyone has a warm coffee filled Sunday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Once again you are showing something I have never seen before. Those are really cool! In my house the first pot is regular and the second is decaf. Stay warm and let the coffee pour!

    1. Glad I get to show off some new stuff you haven't seen!

  2. Decaf? I should probably make the switch myself... but I'm afraid I'll get headaches from withdrawals.

    These cards are cool. Not sure if I've picked any up... but I do have two of the Upper Deck ones from the early 2000's. I think they're Santa hat cards. Shame they didn't use ugly sweater swatches instead... b/c those are a little cooler.

    1. The withdrawals hit me hard because I was heavy on caffeine prior 5 years ago. But I go by it and now am fine


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