Saturday, November 11, 2023


*takes a sip on this chilly morning. looks out the window, sees snow, shuts curtain. not ready for this yet*

*takes a second sip, gets ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee*

The first snow has fallen and even though I am not a huge fan of it, it still takes some pretty nice pictures.

Just not nice roads. 
It was a tough outing with the snow and ice hidden under it, but I had to go out. I don't have the winter tires on yet until next week, so it was extra slick. My road is made of dirt so it's not too terrible on it, it's when I hit the main paved roads where it was more adventurous. 

I would like to see Indiana Jones drive on them.  If it was a movie it would be Indiana Jones and The Road Of Death.

The snow covered my favorite flower bed. I look forward to seeing it in full bloom months from now....ugh....did I say months from now. I just want snow for Christmas, then I want it gone.

These three pics I took out my kitchen windows. The clouds I think is what made these pictures.

If you're not a fan of decorating early, close your eyes. When I see snow and know Christmas is only weeks away, it tells me it's time. Not to mention, it's only going to get colder, and I don't want to be hanging up lights and putting stuff in the ground when it's below ten degrees, do you feel me?

I know this last flower does. It's hiding under my deck, I thought about joining it.

*takes a sip before closing up today's post*

Before I close up today's post, posting on Veterans Day and not mentioning anything about it would be wrong. These guys risked their lives for us and keep life moving the way it is. If you are a Veteran reading this today, thank you for your service. 

As for the rest of you, stay safe from the snow if you have any on your forecast.

Have a great Saturday and make sure you to thank a Veteran today as well.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I have mixed feelings about the snow. I love looking at it through a window with a fire burning in the fire place... or riding a snowboard down it. I don't even mind shoveling it for a limited time (like 20 to 30 minutes tops). But driving on it is the worst... especially when ice is under it. Stay warm.

    1. I don't like it at all. Only for Christmas. And with me bum knee I can't enjoy it as much with sliding like i used to

  2. The older I get the more I can do without snow. Then, why do I live in Minnesota? Yes, snow for Christmas is a must. The Special Olympics team I coach participated in the State Bowling Tournament today and The Veterans were recognized there. Stay warm!


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