Tuesday, May 28, 2024

My First Vintage Chase?

*sits down, coffee in hand, breakfast in hand, a huge stack cards nearby. sorts them by color than proceeds to type*

I am not much into vintage when it comes to sports cards, mostly because I don't know that many players from those eras. I wasn't really into sports until 1995 so anything that happened 25+ years earlier than that didn't really have an impact on my sports life so collecting those players doesn't play a role in my nostalgia.

That doesn't mean I won't add a few players I know of, but not my top preference when it comes to new pickups.

However, when it comes to non-sport vintage cards, that's a different cup I don't mind drinking.

*speaking of cup of drinking, takes a sip*

Recently, I made a trade with @levy2628 who had stacks of 1977 Topps Star Wars and had been looking for a trade mate to unload them all to.

That's where I stepped in.

We pulled off a trade pretty fast, like we usually do, and I landed the stacks.

There was a stack of blue.

With Obi-Wan on the top.

A stack of Red.

With a picture of the spaceport on top.

And a stack of yellow.

With an escape pod on top.

Having all three stacks got me to thinking...should I chase my first vintage set? And if I do, how should I approach it? Need to keep in mind also that this is a very condition sensitive set and most I have aren't mint. However, being said, isn't the point of vintage cards not to be mint? It gives them their own flavor.

If I decide to go forward with this project, here is what I will have to tackle:

There are five series in the 1977 Topps Star Wars set with each having their own color, 
1 Blue
2 Red
3 Yellow
4 Green
5 Orange

but all pick up where the last one ended. Overall, there are 330 cards.

The Blue set, the most popular of the group because it has the "rookie cards" of, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I own a good portion of the key "rookie cards", especially the Skywalker that is most valuable, I may not be too far off from the set once I gather what I had already and what I just hauled in. There are only 66 cards in the first series.

This is my first haul of the other colors and here is how they break down,

Series 2 Border Color: Red
Card Numbers: 67-132

Series 3 Border Color: Yellow
Card Numbers: 133-198

Series 4 Border Color: Green
Card Numbers: 199-264

Series 5 Border Color: Orange
Card Numbers: 265-330

Now that I have broken it all down, how should I proceed with this. Just finish Series 1 Blue? Do the ones I have? Or chase it all?

Let me know what you think in comments!

Thanks again to @levy2628 for the trade.

Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend and has a terrific Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Gotta go for the whole set. All series. Plus the stickers!

    1. I never thought about the stickers. This could be quite the chase!

  2. *sips his version of coffee which is a 1 liter of Pepsi* How can you not pass up a great non-sport classic set in making it I think you should have a blast making it especially if you find the infamous #237 Where CP3O salutes you lol I was able to find it at a show the dealer couldn't care about sold it to me for a great price then I turned it over to The Collective Mind blogger who was wasn't expecting it in trade cause I found him a bunch of the orange ones for his set for $1 & he was overwhelmed with it not only for finding him a bunch of the orange ones to seeing that card hidden in the pile I had. So go for it especially if you are a fan of the 9 movies.

  3. If it were me, I'd want all five series worth of cards and stickers. I took the cheaper and faster path... when I purchased them as sets (first the cards... then the stickers). I know it's not as fun... but it was much easier on the wallet.

    1. You must have bought those awhile ago, some prices are a little high now. I like your approach more

  4. If I was interested, I would go for it. Down the road you can always change your mind. Donut Shop Blend for me this morning. Terrific Tuesday to you as well.

  5. I'd say if you enjoy the sets, then go for it. And my only advice would be to not feel like they need to be completed yesterday; vintage sets generally are much slower going.

    1. This one is pretty heavy one to start with. I assume it will take me a few years to do if I go all out on it


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