Wednesday, May 1, 2024

It's Gonna Be (Empt)May

It's May.

After a month of April Showers, now is the time for some May flowers. I can't wait to see my flower gardens come back to life soon.

It's also a new month to have a fresh start. Whether that be in your life or your card collection. Or your flavor of coffee.

*takes a sip*

For me, this is my fresh start. For over a year I have had some form of cards sitting in this box and another which are known as the sorting boxes. These were all cards that came in for me that I just add to the boxes until I have time to put them away.

The cards are separated into piles, rows, then get indexed off by what they are before being really broken down and put away into binders and other boxes.

The last two sorts I did were rookie card sorts. Which are done by team for each sport.

Then they get put into binders by team. For the most part, teams are split in the binders unless I have a lot of a specific team.

The time-consuming part is digging out the binders and taking care of them.

But now that it's all done, my boxes are empty. That is both a relief, but also sad. With not many cards incoming anymore, I won't have much to do that's collection related. Unless I create new projects. Which would make for another fresh start for some part of my collection.

Let me know what fresh start you might be chasing in May.

I will read the replies while finishing this cup of coffee, so don't take all day, I don't like cold coffee.

Have a great first day of May.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Plans for some new garden additions. Possibly a gardening center in our building. Coffee for sure! Have a great May Day 1.

  2. Have a new job that I'll be starting at the end of the month! Wrapping up my transition this week then taking a bit of time off to get ready for the new gig!

  3. I can't wait until I finally get caught up with sorting (hopefully this summer). As for fresh starts... there won't be any for me in May. This is the time of the year when I start wrapping things up. My next fresh start will be in mid June... when I start teaching summer school :D


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