Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Most of my mornings start off with a cup of coffee and a bagel. 

*takes a sip, then a bite*

Sometimes that bagel is lightly buttered or sometimes it has a slight layer of veggie cream cheese or jalapeño cream cheese. It all depends on what's in the fridge at the time, well except the butter. I leave my butter out on the counter as it's easier to spread. Always have, always will. But I see know some people who don't and say it's bad to do so. We will see, I have eaten countertop butter since I was a kid, still kicking.

I thought today for a post since I haven't gotten a lot of cards coming in, I would show off some food creations I have made recently. I mean, who doesn't like to look at food.

Or eat it.

*takes another bite of bagel or two, then a sip...gulp*

The last month or so I have been experimenting with some new food in my lunch and supper menus. It gets so boring beings stuck on the same meals, so I wanted to expand my palate.

I have chosen a few of my favorite ones to show off below.

I have been looking for a good buffalo sauce recipe and finally found one. The tough part always is which chicken to use. I have tried chicken from the meat case before and breading it myself, but it never quite hit. However, these Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips worked great in the air fryer. I then mixed together the ingredients for the buffalo sauce (buffalo sauce, butter, sugar, Tobasco, dijon mustard) and covered them once they were nice and crispy.

I think they tasted amazing. This is actually a picture of my wife's plate of them. I don't do ranch or any dipping sauce. I am that way with everything, including fries. I like mine as is with lightly salted.

Next up, I mocked a local restaurants pizza. There cost was $25 for this. My cost was much less, and I stretched it out for a few meals. This pizza has a handmade crust, red onions, BBQ sauced base, Pineapple (yes it belongs on pizza), cheese and pulled pork which I made myself.

Which is good because it came in handy when I made my homemade mac and cheese and used the rest of the pulled pork to cover it. I am very resourceful and don't waste anything. When the budget is tight, you do what you can. Except I didn't use Ramen to make the mac and cheese. I won't go that far down yet.

Hope you enjoyed the food gallery today.

I promise the next post will be more card related I mean unless you want more food. Hope you all have terrific Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Food Blogger Out*


  1. All of it looks delicious! Despite growing up in Western NY, a short drive from Buffalo, I have never attempted to make my own sauce...

    1. That's probably because wings were everywhere! haha

  2. Looks tasty! Can't go wrong with food. I'll be over for lunch (in my mind). Terrific Tuesday!

  3. My mom had a butter dish that sat on the counter. She lived into her 80's... and my dad lived into his 90's. I'm guessing it's all good. I personally keep my butter in the fridge, but that's only because I only use it once or twice a month. As for pineapple on pizza... I support that too. I'm not the biggest fan of using BBQ for pizza sauce though. I'm a marinara sauce guy.

    1. Yeah, I use butter every day for everything lol. Not at the level as it sounds. I spread my butter on toast thin


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