Friday, May 17, 2024

Houston, I Am Ready To Launch

*too late for coffee...the only time I don't drink it*

Since I am up late watching the Knicks, playing poorly tonight, and have Knicks cards to post about, only makes sense to do so.

I may be into watching basketball again right now, but it definitely won't be as deep into my blood as it was in the 90's. There was nothing like basketball in the 90's and Knicks in the 90's.

I absolutely loved basketball.

As a kid, not only did I watch every Knicks game on TV, I would also create my own league playing by myself outside and acting out as some of my favorite Knicks players against rest of the league's teams and players. I kept track of stats, scores, etc on paper which some I still have to do this day. I was also honest about the league, the Knicks didn't win every championship or game, though they came close most seasons.

I always had two players I loved acting out as most, John Starks and Allan Houston. These guys will always be my favorite all-time Knicks players.

Especially Houston.

I always felt he came up in the game's most important moments and always loved when you could hear Allaann Houuuuuuuston being called out on TV when he knocked down a big three pointer.

So, I started a small PC of him a few years ago. It's nothing big nor is it anywhere near the top on TCDB, but it's still fun to add to when I can.

Before I added some new ones recently, I started at 13th place on TCDB. I am well behind the leader but when your username is AHoustonCollector it's expected to be. That would be like anyone chasing me on a lot of my collections on there. I dominate a lot of spots.

So, I don't worry about numbers when it comes to my Houston collection. I just add fun cards when I can and build a collection that way.
This Luxury Box card I thought was a nice looking/designed card.

Any insert, especially a shiny one is always an add.

But, base are cool too.

But not as cool as one of my new favorite Houston's now. I have wanted this refractor for some time, now I have it.

Speaking of refractors...another nice 90's one here. I can't decide if I like the Chrome or Finest one more.

Houston relic cards are pretty much free. You can find them for next to nothing. I like to add some when I can.

I own a few autographs so far, this one was a cheap add.

And my final new add was probably my favorite one. This autograph card doesn't sparkle, doesn't shine, but it simply looks great. 

Not a lot of movement with the new adds above and a few others, but I am up to 11th. Maybe someone reading this today can help me move up further.

If you have some or are curious what my needs are, you can check out my want list collection HERE.

If you indeed have some I need, just drop me an email to

*looks up at the Knicks score again, looks back down*

Looks like by the Knicks game tonight, I will be spending Sunday afternoon watching a Game 7. I just hope the Knicks can pull it off, this franchise has been through too much and I would actually like to see one of my New York teams win.

If they don't, I will have my Houston cards to focus on at least and remember the good times.

Have a great sleep.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Love watching 90's basketball too. Can't say I was a big fan of Allan Houston... but I did like watching Starks, Mason, Ewing, and Oakley.

  2. I recently purchased a card that shows the game winning shot Houston took to beat Miami in the playoffs in '99. It's one of my favorite cards now because it instantly transports me back to that moment. Hope the Knicks can pull out the game 7 win against Indy!


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