Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Un-Doing

Coffee is ready, I am too. Let's get to a new Cards Over Coffee.

*takes a sip*

With not many cards incoming, I am having to create new project ideas to keep my mind busy especially this year when so much has gone on.

One of my latest projects is Un-Doing a project that I just did a few years ago.
Where I had put all of my NY Yankee cards into a binder by player. 

At first this was a great idea and was working out well. However, when you reach a certain number of cards and with new players being added every month, it was becoming overwhelming, and I was running out of space, time and money to keep buying binders and pages.

I had begun finding myself getting a little lazy when it comes to taking care of new incoming Yankees that I had started a box of them instead of having to dig out 8 binders and search through them for every player.

So why not just stick them all into this box then? Doesn't that make more sense? Even though I had just put a lot of work into bindering them.
It does to me which is why I have begun pulling cards from binders and adding them to this box one binder at a time.

I am two binders down so far.

What has been entertaining in this project so far, the pulling cards and putting them away has not been, is finding fun cards along the way that I had forgotten about.
This Casey Stengel is how I look at my coffee mug every morning.


This card is really unique turned in the light.

Newer Mantle with an old school feel.

Possibly one of my favorite Bernie Williams cards I own. Die Cut, Shine, it's all there.

And this Wade Boggs is really cool.  The player in the in the background when the card is tipped makes a swinging motion. SportFlix was ahead of its time.

I am sure I will make even more fun discoveries as I tear it all down.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

This project may take me awhile. As I have been putting players away, I have realized I have doubled up on some of the players so I am having to adjust as I go along and combine the cards, so they only have one section. But that's what happens when there are so many players to track.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and let me know if you are currently working on any challenging hobby projects.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Nice variety. Knoblauch looked better in a Twins uniform. Time to make a new pot of coffee! Trying to trade or sell a few cards has been tough sledding. I just do it for the hobby so it's not a problem. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Trading has been a little tougher this year. People are expecting more in return than what I am willing to give. I have had a lot of failing trades this year.

  2. Feel like all my hobby projects are challenging- mostly because I keep opening new product, and it prevents me from making progress 😅

  3. I love binders, but they do take up a lot of space... which is why I reserve them for very specific sets, collections, and player PC's. As for current projects... I'm mainly focused on two. First I'm trying to target some care packages I've piled up over the past year or so. The other is ordering cards on Sportlots to hammer out some set builds.

    1. I just fixed my binders from standing up to laying down again. Have seen a few hobby tragedies the other way.

  4. I have a few binders that I've been meaning to take apart, but just haven't wanted to take them on. I will need to do at least one of them pretty soon though, as a lot of it's contents will be added to an upcoming series of giveaways that I'm hoping to do.

    1. I like binders but thinking I like boxes more. Easier to find and take care of stuff as well.


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