Monday, May 27, 2024

Blog Bat Around- The Last Base Card

John over at John's Big League Baseball Blog came up with a new Blog Bat Around and I was all on board to participate. 

Most of the Blog Bat Arounds I participate in. The ones I don't either I don't see, or they are a bit more challenging, and I am too lazy to dig stuff out for.

John's challenge was to post a last base card of your favorite player. I took this another route as I chose to post one of his first and one of his last. It had to be a base card, no inserts, autographs, relics or any of that fancy stuff.

Which isn't too hard for me as I have plenty of favorite players and base of them.

Choosing a player was pretty simple as the first player that came to my mind for me should be the one that comes to mind first, Rodney Hampton.
This is his 1990 Topps rookie card. I have close to 100 of these. It was a weird challenge to myself if you are curious why.

And one of his final, he has like six with three being different levels from Black Diamond, from 1998 Score.

Rodney played his entire career for the Giants from 1990-1997. He rushed for consecutive 1000-yard seasons from 1991-1995. After the 1995 season, Rodney was offered a Free Agent offer sheet by the 49ers which the Giants quickly and fortunately matched. 1996 season he shared carries season with Tyrone Wheatley and fell short of his usual 1000-yard season. Only to get hurt in the season which costed him most of the 1997 season except two games and one playoff game. He was then cut by the Giants prior to the 1998 season and never was signed so he decided to retire. Which is what I like. I wanted to make sure he was a Giant for life unlike some other running backs I know....

If you haven't joined in yet on this Blog Bat Around, go do so. It was fun.

In the meantime, drink your coffee, and have a happy and safe Memorial Day. 

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Thanks for participating, really appreciate it...Good Job! 👍

  2. Collecting 100 copies of your favorite player's rookie card is pretty cool. Don't think I have the budget to purchase 100 Tony Gwynn, Rickey Henderson, Steve Largent, or Kobe Bryant Topps rookie cards... but maybe I'll go for 100 copies of Kurt Suzuki.

    As for the BBA... I've enjoyed seeing everyone's submissions. Kudos to John for getting this started.

    1. I would imagine Suzuki would be a much much easier tackle than those other guys.

  3. I'm not sure who I would choose. It would have to be someone who I actually have those cards for. Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday, drink coffee and remember all who served.

    1. Yes, I am remembering my grandfather who served. He suffered from bad PTSD when he got back and well, didn't last long. I never met him but have a picture of him in his World War 2 attire.

  4. Rodney looks a lot like Franco Harris on that Score card.


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