Monday, May 31, 2021

Coffee Break:2021 Leaf Draft Football Blaster Box

*takes a sip, gets ready to rip a blaster box on today's Coffee Break. Wondering if breakfast will come sooner rather than later today...*

2021 Leaf Draft Football Blaster Box
50 Card Set
2 Autographs Per Blaster Packed Separately
$22 A Blaster

Summary:Leaf Draft continues it's run at being one of the first football products that releases around draft time. This year they switched up their usual pack ripping retail experience to simply offering up a complete set of cards along with the usual two autographs.

*takes a sip, begins to up a box and a boxed set...not as much fun..*

Here are the key cards that my blaster yielded:


*takes a sip before concluding today's coffee break*

I was pretty bored with this years Leaf Draft retail product. I have nothing against getting a complete set, but I wouldn't mind having a pack or two to rip. Maybe add a pack of parallels, maybe some short prints. Something that would add some perk to this product.

*I need some breakfast before I ramble on about this product, Coffee Card Blogger out!*

I would also like to wish everyone reading today's post a Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone has a safe weekend, also drink coffee, not alcohol*


  1. Another set I stay away from...but thanks for showing them off!

  2. Serious question: Why does Leaf bother making sports cards? There seems to be no demand for them, but they still keep producing them year after year.

    1. I love their non sport offerings,but their sport stuff without licensing or effort is completely a waste of time and money


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