Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Ticked Off

 *takes a sip, feeling a little salty today after reading Twitter, so figured it was time to sit down and do a Cards Over Coffee post to vent some*

Ticked Off.

Spring has finally kicked into gear here which means warmer weather, but also means the return of ticks. For some reason or another the uptick, I did this unintentionally but works well I would say, in ticks in my area is insane. When I was a kid, you could roll around in the grass and play hide and seek in the woods and could just simply take a walk outside without any issues.

Now I step on my lawn and have to check myself like the TSA when I come in.

So far this year, I have taken 6 ticks off from me just doing a few yard chores. To me, that's crazy and is many more than the past few years. 

This is even after I sprayed myself down and my lawn with specific tick spray I found at the local hardware store.

Ticks just tick me off!!! 

*takes a sip, checks self just sitting at the table with the laptop. Hey, you never know*

Another thing that ticks me off, Flippers. 

I know I have touched on this more than once on here-I somewhat promise to stop doing so-but when I see something ridiculous, it brings me back here to discuss it again.

On Twitter, I saw a few guys selling this $20 blaster for $100-$150. That's just not right. I know not everyone agrees with me as some support the hustle, but I don't. I know many others that don't either. It's just so, so wrong.

When did a hobby intended and based on fun turn into seeking stacks of cash? This isn't Poker and these are not Poker cards.

This is a hobby built on entertainment and an escape from the real word I would say for many long time "true collectors" this is not what we are feeling anymore. I see comments like this daily and it's heartbreaking for someone who has such a passion for the collecting aspect of the hobby like I do.

*takes three sips and does another leg check*

I can't say I don't agree with those that feel this way. Some have even spoken about leaving the hobby and I don't think I would be honest if I didn't admit that sometimes selling it all off doesn't sound like a good idea some days. Especially while values are the way they are.

But, then comes the simple reminders of the hobby that come at the right times to keep me going. You know, a trade, a random retail pack, or even just flipping through a stack of cards on your desk where you find a card or two that reminds you why you hang on.
First was this 1993 Action Packed Who's on First card. Being one of the possibly greatest comedic skits ever, I find this card to be very unique to my non sports collection. (I will also say I went to YouTube to watch it again and if you haven't ever heard or seen it yourself, you should do the same)

The second card was simply this President Clinton card throwing out what appears to be a first pitch. Fun card for my presidential PC. Regardless of being a Clinton supporter or not, I think his legacy won't ever soon-be-forgotten by any of us who grew up in the 90's.

All it took was these two common cards just to set me in my happy place again with the hobby.

*takes a sip of coffee, no, I didn't have relations with that mug*

If you are reading this today and are having some struggles with the hobby, I suggest you go look through a random stack of cards that you have lying around in your house. There may be something in there that reminds you simply why you collect or started to collect and focus on that. I know there is a lot of frustrating things going on in the hobby right now, but if we can focus on some positives, it will help us ride the wave out until the hobby we love becomes just that again.

*finishes up the cup, Coffee Card Blogger Out*

*checks leg again*

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  1. Looks like I gotta find a Clinton card for my Lefty PC.


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